Friday, August 28, 2015

BitGold- Easiest Money I Ever Made


This is a great to earn money from home! They pay you $35.25 for each referral you get!  They pay once a month! Payday is on the 1st of the month!  The only time you won't be paid on the 1st is when the first lands on a holiday or weekend!  You'll then be paid the next business day!  The minimum payout is $100! You will only need 3 people to achieve the minimum payout!!!

There are several steps you MUST complete if you want to be paid!

Steps To Sign Up

★Please complete in order listed!★

Step 1 Click Here & fill out the form

Step 2 Complete Application

How To Setup Your Account

Watch this video to find out what to do next and where both of your links! When referring always give out your tracking link first!

How To Ensure You Get Paid

  • Go to may have to signup can't recall! Try logging in first) 
  • Fill out  & complets your profile 
  • Upload a picture of your Id or license. 
  • Add your bank account (this is how you get paid and how to verify Identity)!
  • Upload a copy of your bank statement! To this go o nmmm line to your bank website and signup or login! Then select the account. Then select statements! Download a copy of your statement and save it to Google Drive if using your smartphone! Then upload it to the site! You can download Google Drive from the app store free of charge! 
If you do NOT have a bank account you should get one! Most banks require no more than $1 to open an account!  If this I'y s the case it is a possibility you won't be paid the first month, as you won't have a bank statement yet!! Just be sure to ipload your Id/license and add your bank as soon as possible!

Where To Get Referrals

  1. Google Plus Communities (there's 100's of work at home related communities)
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. Post Flyers
  5. Forums
  6. Message Boards
  7. YouTube
  8. Safe-lists- They Allow you to email people who are interested in earning money from home!

Where To Post Flyers

There are many great places to post and hand out flyers! 
  1. Walmart- You can setup a table at Walmart and out flyers with information about BitGold,  your links, & your contact info!  Just call and schedule a day and time!
  2. Walmart- You can also ace flyers on car windshields at Walmart and really anyw here! You may want to call and get permission! 
  3. College Campuses- These great places to find people!  Just call and get permission 1st!  At the very least they'kl let you post it on their job board(s)!
  4.  Community Centers

Just be innovative and have fun with it! You can make some quick easy money with this!

★★Remember to let your referrals know to add there bank info and upload their Identification!  If they don't you won't get paid for them and they won't get paid at all!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Best Survey Site Around

Hey guys you may not know this about me, but I HATE 99% of the survey sites that currently exist!!!!! However, this one is amazing!! It is ran the way every survey site should be ran! 

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy has been around a long time! There a few ways you can make money with them! The first way is required in order to do any of the others!

  1. You can earn $20 for each device you install their app on. You can only install on upto 3 devices, which includes Android,  Iphones, tablets, Pc's, and just about every other type of device!
  2. They have many projects going on which you will likely be invited to participate in! 
  3. They also have surveys!  They will let you know how long the surveys will last. They never last any longer than they say! 
  4. You can also earn from referrals, which I will explain more below!

Referral Program

For each SavvyConnect project that your direct referrals successfully complete, you will earn anywhere from $5 to $15. In addition, you will earn from $2 to $6 for each survey that referrals of your direct referrals complete, so you can easily earn money just by referring friends and family who will do the referring for you!

By installing SavvyConnect, your referrals will be entered into the SavvyConnect program where they will be invited to exclusive SavvyConnect projects. 
The goal of the program is to track what people do online and see how they interact with the various websites across the internet. By participating, you will represent thousands of people in your area and help shape the way businesses interact with consumers like you on the internet. 
You can always browse privately by going incognito on your browser! When browsing in incognito they can't track or see what you are doing!

Sign Up & Get Started Today

When you signup remember to do the following:

  • Signup and check your email
  • Instal the SavvyConnect program
  • Complete  your profile,  especially the portraits, which are profile surveys!  This help qualify you for more surveys & projects!  Projects pay between $40-$150
  • Refer

I would love to hear about your success with this company!  Also if you'd like to check out and review any sites that you are  considering let me no!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Buskins Leggings Agent

About Buskins Leggings

Buskins Leggings is a newer direct sales company.  They offer leggings in regular adult sizes, plus sizes,  & children sizes! They also recently introduced Maxi Dresses and Skirts, as well as active wear!  They come in many styles and colors!  The fabric is so comfortable and breathable , & super soft!


What You Get When You Join
25% Off Affiliate Discount
50% off one item of your choice
$5 for each referral
5% of sub-affilate Sales


You are paid weekly!

How to Sign Up

It is a one time fee of $19.99 to signup! There are several plans you can start with! They include samples of the clothing which varies with each plan!
There are 2 steps to signup and you MUST to complete BOTH steps! If you don't do step 2 you will have paid for nothing! Step 2 sets you up as an affiliate! ! If you'd rather shop then click the first link and click shop now!

Step 1: Click here to go to Buskins  leggings website. Select join and choose the plan of your choice! Fill out everything,  submit payment,  and once finshed complete Step 2 below!

Step 2: Complete this part and you're finished! Enter Martisa Roane as the person who referred you! Click Here To Begin step 2!

Congratulations you have officially started your own business!

Feel free to use the photos below when advertising/promoting Buskins Leggings!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CoinBase Easy Free Way To Earn Money


CoinBase has unfortunately ended their affiliate program!  So they are no longer paying you to signup or for referrals! 

Feel free to still signup and invest in bits or bitcoins!  Watch the price close and only invest if the price per bitcoin is $224 or less! Remember bits are small parts of a bitcoin! Have fun and be safe! 

What Is CoinBase

CoinBase is a Bitcoin Wallet, that pays you $5 when you signup, $1 for confirming your account, and $5 for each person you refer! They pay you in Bitcoins also called bits. You can save the bits or you can sell them. You must have a bank account to join. They use your bank account to verify your identity the same way Paypal does! They deposit 2 small amounts between .01 & .99 cents into your bank account! You then have to confirm how much those 2 amounts were! After that you will receive your $6!

Selling Your Bits

You can easily sell your bits anytime you want! However, the value of the bits do go up and down just like gold and silver does.I recommend that you don't sell your bits below 230 however, anything over 230 is fine. I personally don't sell mine below 240! When you sell them you are given their value, which you are told ahead of time! That amount is then deposited into your bank account within 3-5 days, usually much sooner.

My Results

I have been using CoinBase for about 5 weeks and I have had absolutely NO problems with them! I highly rate them as a great way to make some extra money!


I hope you have been enjoying my new blog! I have lots of great work at home opportunities to add to the blog, and a lot more I will be testing in the near future! If you are curious rather a site/company is legit or not let me no and I'll test it and check it out for you! You can add the request in the comments or email me by clicking my name > Martisa Place Work at home Test Request In The Subject Line of The Email.

Please feel free to follow me on InstagramTwitter, & Facebook

Making Money With The Ultimate Cycler

Ultimate Cycler

The Ultimate Cycler is an easy, safe, quick way to make money! You take just $25 and 6 people and you will make $150! Can continue doing this over and by moving up the cycler or recruiting more people! You can make around $1800 with 6 people, obviously you can make a lot more with more people!

With a little teamwork and focus you can make $150 Plus a day, especially once you get your team setup! 

How To Form & Recruit Your Team

There are  many different ways you can go about recruiting your team! You can post ads on Facebook in the work at home related groups, Post ads in Google Plus work at home communities, post ads on Craigslist, Backpage! There are endless ways to recruit, just be honest and creative!  Never post your link in Facebook ads or post more than 3 ads per day in the same group. Doing those things often can get you thrown in Facebook Jail for 2 weeks!
The easiest way to keep your team together is to create a Facebook chat! You can also create a group page as well!

My Results

I invested $25 and on day 1 I made $300. I was mainly able to do this because I had a team already ready to go! In my first 3 days I made a total of $750!  Which was amazing and good timing, because I was $100 short on my rent! I was able to pay my rent in full! This has been a life saver for me!

How To Signup

To signup go to
Then friend request me on Facebook at and then send me a message letting me no that you have signed up and I will add you to our Facebook Group Page and to our Facebook chat if you like. You can always start your own chat/team if you want!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Turn $10 into $710 Legitimately

Turn $10 Into $710 With Just 5 Referrals!

This an easy and fast way to make money! This can be repeated over and over with your same team!  Each time you do it it'll faster and easier!

How It Works

You pay 3 people a total of $10. You pay the person over you $2, the person over them $3,  & the person over that person $5.

Now you invite 5 people and you are paid $2 from each of them totally $10. Now you move up to level 2.

When your 5 referrals invite 5 people they each will pay you $3 giving you $75 & moving you to level 1.

Then those 25 people will each invite 5 people, which means there will be 125 people each paying you $5 giving you $625.

625+75+10= $710

How I Can Guarantee Success
Join our Facebook Group and we will help everyone to succeed! If you struggle with recruiting people we will show how to do it! We will also give you people as long as you try and put forth an effort! To join our group friend request me on Facebook at and send a message letting me no you signed up and add you to the group! As proof we help out the signup link is a rotator link so it randomly lands on a different persons link!  If you join our group payout will be between 4-8 days! If you go on your own itll likely take 3-6 weeks!

Click Here To Signup

Steps To Signup Correctly

  • Click on the link
  • Click on buy now
  • Pay person 1 $2
  • Click on return to name
  • Pay person 2 $3
  • Click on return to merchant
  • Pay person 3 $5
  • Click on return to merchant
  • Enter your PayPal email to register
  • Copy and Save your Link

All In One Profits

All In One Profits (AIOP)

I work with one of the best work at home companies!  They have the best compensation plan available, hands down!!

  • You earn a residual income!!
  • Your pay triples every month!!
  • You are paid via PayPal
  • Even up system!

How The EVEN UP System Works

You pass up your even referrals to your sponsor. Your referrals pass up their even referrals to you.  This goes down uour fownline to infinity. So even if you decide to stop referring/recruiting you still will earn money from your pass ups!

How Much Money Can You Make 

Well depends on you! I made $810 my 1st month! I should make atleast $2,430 if not more!  Best way to increase your earnings is to train your downline. Each person jeeds to get at least 6 referrals every month 3 a week if you really want to make some money! As long as everyone is getting 6 a month you  will  continue to make money even if some months you only get 3 people or none!  Once you have a good base of people the money will come regardless! !

How To Signup

It costs $11.50 a month to join! If you are ever unhappy you can always cancel your account! 


Once you join you also get access to many different things in your back office,  including
  • Twitter Blaster Pro
  • Blogging For Profit
  • Cash Building Strategies
  • Url Rotator
  • And Much More
Feel free to friend me on Facebook and message me if you koin so I can help you to be successful!