Monday, August 24, 2015

Best Survey Site Around

Hey guys you may not know this about me, but I HATE 99% of the survey sites that currently exist!!!!! However, this one is amazing!! It is ran the way every survey site should be ran! 

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy has been around a long time! There a few ways you can make money with them! The first way is required in order to do any of the others!

  1. You can earn $20 for each device you install their app on. You can only install on upto 3 devices, which includes Android,  Iphones, tablets, Pc's, and just about every other type of device!
  2. They have many projects going on which you will likely be invited to participate in! 
  3. They also have surveys!  They will let you know how long the surveys will last. They never last any longer than they say! 
  4. You can also earn from referrals, which I will explain more below!

Referral Program

For each SavvyConnect project that your direct referrals successfully complete, you will earn anywhere from $5 to $15. In addition, you will earn from $2 to $6 for each survey that referrals of your direct referrals complete, so you can easily earn money just by referring friends and family who will do the referring for you!

By installing SavvyConnect, your referrals will be entered into the SavvyConnect program where they will be invited to exclusive SavvyConnect projects. 
The goal of the program is to track what people do online and see how they interact with the various websites across the internet. By participating, you will represent thousands of people in your area and help shape the way businesses interact with consumers like you on the internet. 
You can always browse privately by going incognito on your browser! When browsing in incognito they can't track or see what you are doing!

Sign Up & Get Started Today

When you signup remember to do the following:

  • Signup and check your email
  • Instal the SavvyConnect program
  • Complete  your profile,  especially the portraits, which are profile surveys!  This help qualify you for more surveys & projects!  Projects pay between $40-$150
  • Refer

I would love to hear about your success with this company!  Also if you'd like to check out and review any sites that you are  considering let me no!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Buskins Leggings Agent

About Buskins Leggings

Buskins Leggings is a newer direct sales company.  They offer leggings in regular adult sizes, plus sizes,  & children sizes! They also recently introduced Maxi Dresses and Skirts, as well as active wear!  They come in many styles and colors!  The fabric is so comfortable and breathable , & super soft!


What You Get When You Join
25% Off Affiliate Discount
50% off one item of your choice
$5 for each referral
5% of sub-affilate Sales


You are paid weekly!

How to Sign Up

It is a one time fee of $19.99 to signup! There are several plans you can start with! They include samples of the clothing which varies with each plan!
There are 2 steps to signup and you MUST to complete BOTH steps! If you don't do step 2 you will have paid for nothing! Step 2 sets you up as an affiliate! ! If you'd rather shop then click the first link and click shop now!

Step 1: Click here to go to Buskins  leggings website. Select join and choose the plan of your choice! Fill out everything,  submit payment,  and once finshed complete Step 2 below!

Step 2: Complete this part and you're finished! Enter Martisa Roane as the person who referred you! Click Here To Begin step 2!

Congratulations you have officially started your own business!

Feel free to use the photos below when advertising/promoting Buskins Leggings!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

All In One Profits

All In One Profits (AIOP)

I work with one of the best work at home companies!  They have the best compensation plan available, hands down!!

  • You earn a residual income!!
  • Your pay triples every month!!
  • You are paid via PayPal
  • Even up system!

How The EVEN UP System Works

You pass up your even referrals to your sponsor. Your referrals pass up their even referrals to you.  This goes down your downline to infinity. So even if you decide to stop referring/recruiting you still will earn money from your pass ups!

How Much Money Can You Make 

Well depends on you! I made $810 my 1st month! I should make atleast $2,430 if not more!  Best way to increase your earnings is to train your downline. Each person jeeds to get at least 6 referrals every month 3 a week if you really want to make some money! As long as everyone is getting 6 a month you  will  continue to make money even if some months you only get 3 people or none!  Once you have a good base of people the money will come regardless! !

How To Signup

It costs $11.50 a month to join! If you are ever unhappy you can always cancel your account! 


Once you join you also get access to many different things in your back office,  including
  • Twitter Blaster Pro
  • Blogging For Profit
  • Cash Building Strategies
  • Url Rotator
  • And Much More
Feel free to friend me on Facebook and message me if you join so I can help you to be successful!